How to Register and Place an Order with Coles Online

Coles Online ShoppingIf you’ve never shopped with Coles Online before, we have some simple tips to help make your first delivery easy.

Step One: Registration

To start shopping online, visit and click on the ‘Start Shopping’ button on the right side of the page.  Once you arrive on the Coles Online section of the site, type your postcode into the New Customers box to see if we deliver to your area (currently we cover all states and territories and cover more than 85% of the population). We’re always looking for new delivery opportunities, so if we don’t currently deliver your area, let us know.

If we do deliver to your area, we just need some details about you, so we know where to send your shopping!

Step Two: Choose a Delivery Time

Before you start filling your trolley with all your grocery favourites, we recommend you book a delivery window that is convenient for you.  Under Delivery Details on the right side of the page, click on Reserve time and select a window of time that suits you (you must be home to accept the delivery for food safety reasons).

For your convenience we have several delivery options, including Click and Collect, which is an option to pick up at selected Coles Supermarkets and Coles Express locations (for more information and locations click here). Perfect for picking up the groceries on the way home from work or after the school run!

Step Three: Start Shopping

Now comesShopping online the fun part!  Shopping online is similar to shopping in store as you can browse by aisle, starting in the fresh produce section and working your way through to the frozen foods aisle adding groceries as you go.  Alternatively, you can use the search function at the top of the page to find a particular product.   Our favourite way to shop is using the Express Shop.  Simply click on the Express Shop tab and type in all the products you want (separated by a comma) and we’ll match up your list with products.  All you have to do is choose the product that best suits you and the quantity you need.

Step Four: Specials

We all love shopping in store for specials and shopping online is no different! To view our weekly specials as well as exclusive online specials, click on the Specials tab at the top of the page.

Step Five: Entertaining Packs and Fruit & Veg Boxes

One of the best featuresFruit & Veg Box from Coles Online of Coles Online is that you can have entertaining packs and seasonal fruit and veg boxes delivered to your door.  This is perfect if you’re hosting a BBQ or a party! To view these platters and boxes, click on the ‘Fresh’ aisle in the Browse Aisles tab or search “Coles platter” in the search box.

 Step Six: Checkout and Payment  

When its times to pay for your groceries, you’ll be happy to know there are no queues!  Simply click the ‘Checkout’ button under Shopping Trolley on the right side of the page.   Review your delivery time and click ‘Continue’. On the next ‘Review Order’ page, you can review your payment and delivery details.  If you have specific delivery instructions, you can add those in the ‘Instructions’ area on the left (handy if your house is hard to find). Next enter your payment details, proceed to the secure payment area and you will receive a confirmation email for your order.

 Step Seven: Making Changes to your Order

Forgot the Bread?  More people coming for dinner on Tuesday?  No problem, you can make changes to your submitted order, including the delivery day or time, up until the order cut off time without incurring additional charges.  Simply log in and click on the ‘My Orders & Lists’ tab at the top of the page and click on ‘Scheduled Orders’.  Select the order you wish to change and click on the ‘Modify Order’ button.  Once you’ve made your changes, don’t forget to resubmit your order!  It’s that easy!

 Delivery Questions?

If you have any issues, our friendly Coles Online team are always happy to help.  You can call them on 1800 455 400.