What are Docket Deals?

Introducing Docket Deals at ColesHave you ever looked at your receipt after shopping at Coles and wondered what the offers were?  Docket Deals make it easy to boost your flybuys points, with special offers, such as bonus points and discounts on your favourite products.

To see if you’ve got a Docket Deal:

  1. Present your flybuys card when shopping at Coles
  2. Look out for Docket Deals at the bottom of your receipt
  3. Keep your Docket Deals in a safe place to redeem next time you shop at Coles or Liquorland

It really is that easy! Docket Deals are non transferable and you must present your flybuys card to enjoy the rewards. To find out more about Docket Deals and other flybuys benefits, visit coles.com.au.

Is there a particular Docket Deal you’d love to get?  Tell us in the comments below!

Coles Gold Gift Card Giveaway

What is our Gold Card Giveaway?
Our Coles Gold Gift Card Giveaway is a simple way to collect money when you shop with your flybuys card at Coles.  Simply purchase any products carrying the collect symbols in store and the value on the symbol will be added to your Gold Gift Card when you scan your flybuys card at the register.  Collecting money is easy and in October we will mail you your very own Gold Gift Card with the accumulated money.  That’s just in time for Christmas to buy the little extra treats for your family!

How does Gold Card Giveaway work?
Many customers have been asking what they need to do to start collecting money.  It’s very easy, so we thought we’d detail it for you in a few simple steps:

1.    Register: To start collecting, head to flybuys.com.au/giveaway to register for the Gold Gift Card Giveaway. For existing flybuys members, you just need to log in and activate the promotion and for new members, you’ll need to register for a flybuys card first.
2.    Collect Money: Secondly, look for the Gold Gift Card symbols when you shop at Coles between now and August, 14 2012.  Buy any products carrying the collect symbols and scan your flybuys card.
3.    Track Progress: Log into your ‘my flybuys’ account each week to check how much money you’ve collected and view some of the participating products.
4.    Be Rewarded:  Your Gold Gift Card will be mailed to you in October 2012 (and yes it really will be Gold).  It will include your accumulated money (minimum $2) from the participating products you purchased throughout the offer period.

For full terms and conditions and to register for your Gold Gift Card, visit flybuys.com.au/giveaway.

Let us entertain you with Coles Music!

Coles MusicHave you heard of Coles Music?  Launched late last year, Coles Music is a new music destination, which allows you to browse and download your favourite music.  The best part about Coles Music is that you can redeem your flybuys points for music downloads – perfect if you only have a few points!

From rock to pop and country to rap, we have songs from over 100,000 artists and with more than 3 million tracks to choose from, there is a song to suit every music taste!  All songs come in high quality mp3 format too, so all you need to do is transfer them to your portable music player, plug the earphones in and sing-a-long with your favourite tunes (complimentary dance moves advisable).

We also have easy gifting options, so forget the mix tape and why not send a friend or loved one a Coles Music voucher or their favourite album!

Visit Coles Music today, find out more at coles.com.au or redeem points for music downloads at flybuys.com.au!

How to contact Coles?

Coles Customer CareIf you’ve ever wondered the best way to contact Coles, you’ve come to the right place.  Whether it is on our stores, our team members or our products, your feedback helps us improve and create an even better shopping experience for you.  So if you have anything to tell us or ask us, please get it touch.

Coles Supermarkets Feedback

For feedback on our Supermarkets, including anything from service to stores to product range and advertising, the best way to contact us and provide feedback is by contacting our Customer Care team:

  • Phone our Customer Care team on 1800 061 562
    Monday to Friday: 8:30am-6pm (AEST)
    Saturday: 8am-4:30pm
  • Fax us on (03) 9829 3818
  • Provide feedback online by filling out our Feedback Form at coles.com.au.
  • Write to us at:
    PO Box 2000
    Glen Iris, VIC 3146
  • View Store Locations and the contact details of your nearest Coles Supermarket, via our Store Locator on coles.com.au.
  • Complete our online customer satisfaction survey at tellcoles.com.au.  Your feedback will help us improve your shopping experience and by completing the survey you will get $5 off when you spend $100 or more in your next transaction.   For more information about Tell Coles and to complete the survey, visit tellcoles.com.au.

For more specific queries, you might like to check out the following links:

  • For Careers and Employment opportunities at Coles, visit the Coles Careers sections of our website or contact our team by phone on 1800 170 947 or by email at colesrecruitment@coles.com.au.
  • For Baby and Toddler Club feedback or enquiries, visit our Coles Baby and Toddler Club website or contact our team by phone on 1800 645 000, by fax on 1800 627 000 or write to us at:
    PO Box 6422 St Kilda Road,
    Central Melbourne, VIC 8008
  • For Coles MasterCard feedback, visit our Coles MasterCard website or contact our Coles MasterCard Customer Care team on 1300 306 397.
    Monday to Friday: 8am-9pm (AEST)
    Saturday: 8am-8pm
    Sunday: 8:30am-8pm
  • For Coles Insurance feedback or to request a quote, phone our Coles Insurance team on 1300 265 374 (Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm (AEST) and Saturdays: 9am-2pm). Alternatively, write to us at:
    Coles Insurance
    Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited
    PO Box 16042
    Collins Street, VIC 8007
  • For Local Community support , including fundraisers, raffles, community days and other local community activities, print and complete this Application Form and return it to your local Store Manager.
  • For Trolley feedback or to report an abandoned Coles shopping trolley, contact our team on 1800 Trolley (1800 876 553), by email at 1800Trolley@coles.com.au or by filling out our Abandoned Trolley form at coles.com.au or via our Trolley Collector form on our Coles App.
  • For Coles App feedback, fill out the Feedback form under Services on our Coles App.

Coles Online Shopping Feedback

For feedback specifically related to online shopping and delivery, including Click and Collect, contact our Coles Online Customer Care team:

  • Phone our Coles Online Shopping Customer Care team on 1800 455 400. Our team are available the following hours, though this can vary during public holidays:
    Monday to Friday: 6am-Midnight (AEST)
    Saturday: 7am-11pm
    Sunday: 8am-5pm
  • Email our team at Online.CustomerCare@coles.com.au or to be notified when online shopping becomes available in your area, email ColesOnline@coles.com.au.
  • Write to us at:
    Coles Online
    Level 1,
    800 Toorak Road
    Tooronga, VIC 3146

Coles Express Feedback

For feedback on our Coles Express stores, contact our Coles Express team:

  • Phone our Coles Express Customer Service Centre on 1800 656 055. Our team are available the following hours, though this can vary during public holidays:
    Monday to Friday: 8:30am-6pm (AEST)
    Saturday: 8am-4:30pm
  • Provide feedback online by filling out our Feedback Form at colesexpress.com.au.

Liquorland Feedback

For feedback on our Liquorland stores, contact our Liquorland team on 1800 100 338.
Monday to Friday: 8:30am-6pm (AEST)
Saturday: 8am-4:30pm

flybuys Feedback

For feedback on our flybuys program, contact our flybuys Customer Service Centre on 13 11 16 9am-7pm (AEST) or view our frequently asked questions at flybuys.com.au.