Create a show-stopping cheese platter

Cheese PlatterTake the stress out of entertaining this Australia Day with a tasty cheese platter starter. Cheese platters offer a much easier and simpler way to entertain guests which require no cooking, very little preparation and are (mostly) universally loved.

To help you with your quest to build the ultimate cheese platter, we’ve pulled together the ultimate cheese platter tips:

  1. Be adventurous
    Choose different styles of cheese such as a soft white cheese like brie, a cheddar, a blue cheese and a flavoured cheese for your cheese platter.
  2. Add some fruit
    Cheese loves sweet or fruity accompaniments like quince paste, grapes, fruit bread, a drizzle of honey or dessert wines.
  3. Wine match
    As a general rule, lighter wine styles tend to go with milder flavoured cheeses such as sparkling white and brie. On the other end of the scale, piquant blue cheeses match well with sweet, dessert wines like a botrytis Riesling.
  4. Servings
    Allow 30g – 50g of each cheese per person based on serving four cheeses.
  5. Meet the best before date
    For any white mould cheeses such as brie or camembert, always serve ripe cheese (i.e. as close as possible prior to its ‘best before’ date) so that it’s at its optimum flavour. This is less important for harder or fresh styles like cheddar and cream cheese.
  6. Cheese loves room temperature
    Allow cheese to come to room temperature which will help the flavours develop further.
  7. Don’t mix knives
    Use separate cheese knives on your cheese board specifically for each cheese, to avoid mixing flavours.
  8. Keep it pointy
    When cutting a cheese wedge, cut a slice along the length of the cheese, from the centre to the rind. Try not to completely cut the point or the ‘nose’ off the cheese.
  9. Plain savouries
    Keep the bread or biscuits simple as strong flavours will overwhelm the taste of the cheese.

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Create the pefect pizza with Perfect Italiano Cheese!

Perfect Italiano CheeseFor the last 4 years, Perfect Italiano has been the cheese of choice for MasterChef contestants. It’s helped them create fabulous pizzas, lasagnes, pestos, bruschetta, ricotta biscuits and much more.  So to help you cook like a MasterChef cooks, we’d love you to try Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus, Parmesan and Mozzarella.

  • Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus is special blend of Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan cheeses which melts and stretches to perfection, but wont go oily, ensuring delicious, authentic pizza every time. Use it to create this Italian Sausage Pizza from MasterChef.
  • Perfect Italiano Parmesan is matured for up to 18 months to guarantee bold flavour. Use it grated or shaved to add bite to dishes such as risotto, pasta sauces, salads or pizza. Use it to create this Caramelised Onion & Fig Pizza from MasterChef.
  • Perfect Italiano Mozzarella has a mild flavour that is perfect for adding mild flavour and authentic stretch to lasagne & cannelloni. It’s pre-grated from the block for your convenience, and packaged in a re-sealable bag for easy storage.

Coles Brand brings home gold from the Sydney Fine Food Show!

Sydney fine food awardsGood News, our Coles Brand products came away from the recent Sydney Royal Fine Food Show with 17 Gold and Silver Medals, recognising the finest foods in Australia. Five varieties of our Coles Brand cheese, made right here in Australia using fresh milk by Bega, received Silver Medals including our Vintage Cheddar and Tasty Light Shredded. And our Australian made ice creams delighted the judges, particularly our Gold Medal winner – Coles Brand Classics Chocolate ice cream sticks.

Simply Less Mini Vanilla Caramel ice cream And if you’re watching your calories, the Simply Less Mini Vanilla Caramel ice cream sticks picked up a Silver Medal, competing against full fat ice creams. We were also proud to see Great Ocean Road, an exclusive line of milks and cheeses to Coles, awarded 12 Silver Medals.

So next time you’re looking for a new ice cream to try or picking up some cheese for the school lunches, keep an eye out for our award winners.