Simply irresistible new donuts

Coles Indulgent DonutsTreat the family to these un-believe-ably delicious new donut! Australian made and hand-dipped, Coles Bakery Indulgent Donuts come in a box of four great flavours (as chosen by our customers)!

  • Passionfruit: A holiday in a donut, this has a tangy passionfruit filling, tropical fondant topping and crushed meringue finish.
  • Strawberry: Featuring a luscious strawberry filling, this donut is finished with berry-flavoured fondant, desiccated coconut and mini marshmallows.
  • Choc: This donut is filled with rich, velvety choc ganache and topped with choc fondant and choc flakes.
  • Caramel: Our favourite – a thick caramel filling, this has a fun topping of caramel fondant and popcorn.

Look out for them in the Bakery section of your local Coles or buy online at

3 delicious new bagels at Coles

New Coles BagelsIt’s the cooking method that makes bagels wonderfully moist, dense and chewy on the inside, and crispy on the outside. Slowly-fermented yeast dough is formed into donut shapes, then carefully boiled before baking. Our Bakery team are excited to introduce three new varieties of bagels prepared in the time honoured tradition to make the perfect base for a tasty brunch or lunch.

Try them with our simple filling ideas:

  1. Plain Bagels Split bagels and spread cut sides with capsicum dip. Fill with rocket leaves, thinly sliced pastrami, sliced field tomato, cucumber and gherkins.
  2. Multigrain Bagels Split bagels and spread the cut sides with cream cheese mixed with chopped fresh dill and chopped preserved lemon or finely grated lemon rind. Fill with thinly sliced red onion, mixed leaves and smoked salmon.
  3. Raisin & Cinnamon Bagels Split bagels and toast. Top each half with fresh ricotta mixed with a little vanilla extract, sliced banana and drizzle with maple syrup.

Create mini burger magic

New Coles Brioche BunsThis week our Bakery team are excited to introduce Brioche Slider Buns to the range.  Available in a pack of 8 (so plenty to share), these French-style brioche buns are made with 100% Aussie flour & butter.

Ideal for mini burgers, load them up with Coles Mini Angus Beef Burgers from the meat department for a quick & tasty treat.  Or if you’re feeling adventurous, the Brioche slider buns are also great for desserts.  Try them sandwiched with a scoop of creamy ice-cream (we used our decadent peanut butter ice cream).

New Coles Bakery Cupcakes

Coles Bakery CupcakesJust when you thought Coles famous cupcakes couldn’t get any better, Red Velvet, Sticky Date and Cookies & Cream Cupcakes have gone from delicious to sublime!

Our Bakery team has done a little recipe tweak here and there and the result is pure cupcake heaven. Not to be outdone, Coles Loaf Cakes have also had a makeover. With must-try Zesty Lemon, and sumptuous Spicy Carrot – you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to a casual morning or afternoon tea, or anytime you feel like a pick-me-up treat.

Award Winning Bread at Coles

Award Winning Bread at ColesGood News, our Coles Brand team and Bakers came away from the recent Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards with a whopping 72 medals, including the prestigious Industry Champion Bread award for our Stone Baked Pane Di Casa.

The Royal Hobart Fine Food Show is a highly regarded event held every year and is designed to bring together and award all the finest foods from across the country. In particular well done to our Coles Meadow Mews team who produced 18 winning products.  Click on the images below to view some of our award-winners.

Gold Medals

Silver Medals
Bronze Medals
So next time you’re looking for a tasty lunch solution or bakery treat, keep an eye out for our award winners.

New Salted Caramel Donuts

Coles Bakery Salted Caramel Filled Mini DonutsHave you heard the news? We’ve launched a limited edition range of mini filled donuts. With new flavours arriving all the time, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Right now, head in store to try the delicious Coles Bakery Salted Caramel Filled Mini Donuts. Perfect for sharing, these lovely bite-sized donuts are dusted with icing sugar and filled with buttery salted caramel. The good news is, they’re also free from artificial colours and flavours.

New Coles Bakery Muffins

Coles Bakery MuffinsOur Bakery team are always busy developing new and tasty baked goods and this week we’ve added Coles Bakery Muffins to our baked in store range. Available in a pack of 2 (one for you and one to share), you can choose from four delicious flavours; Blueberry, Raspberry & White Chocolate, Banana & Caramel and our favourite Apple, Maple & Cinnamon.

Straight from our ovens to you, these muffins contain no artificial colours or artificial flavours and are exclusive to Coles. They make a tasty and convenient treat with a mid-morning coffee or an afternoon snack for the kids.

To find your closest in store Coles bakery, visit

ANZAC Biscuits at Coles

ANZAC BiscuitsANZAC Day on April 25 is a time to remember our Diggers and the sacrifices they made. It’s also a time to indulge in traditions that brought home and hope to them on battlefields far away. Anzac biscuits were baked by mothers, sisters, wives and sweethearts, packed in air-tight tins, and sent to loved ones away at the war.

Coles Bakery Anzac Biscuits are made using a traditional-style recipe containing oats, golden syrup and coconut. To find your nearest in-store bakery go to

New Golden Mills Bake at Home Range

New Golden Mills BaguettesWe all love the comforting aroma of freshly homemade bread but, let’s face it, busy lives and baking bread are a hard double act to manage – until now. Golden Mills Bakery’s Bake At Home range makes baking fresh rolls, baguettes and even pizza bases quick and easy.

The range includes ready-to-bake Dinner Rolls, Ciabatta Rolls, Half Baguettes, Traditional Bruschetta and Stone Baked Pizza Bases. All you need to do is warm the oven and wait for home-baked heaven.

Golden Mills Traditional BruschettaGolden Mills Bruschetta
Golden in colour with garlic and parsley, this traditional Italian bruschetta makes a tasty starter for a dinner party or easy afternoon snack for the kids.  Simply add chopped fresh tomato, mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil for an authentic flavour combination. Available in a pack of 12 and ready in just 3 minutes.

Golden Mills CiabattaGolden Mills Ciabatta Rolls
Traditional Italian-style rolls with a crispy crust and light, soft centre, these oven warmed ciabatta rolls are perfect for weekday lunches or a weekend brunch.  They taste delicious with fetta, salad and chicken… or any sandwich filling really. Available in a pack of 4 and ready in just 6-8 minutes.

Golden Mills PizzaGolden Mills Stone Baked Pizza Bases
This traditional Italian bread is baked on a stone for a truly authentic Italian pizza experience.  For the kids, simply add tomato paste, let them add their own meat & vegies and cover with tasty mozzarella.  For a slightly more gourmet option for the adults, add capsicum, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and top with rocket, pine nuts, grated mozzarella and fresh ricotta. Available in a pack of 2 and ready in just 5-8 minutes.

Golden Mills Dinner RollsGolden Mills Dinner Rolls
These fresh, crusty dinner rolls are perfect for entertaining. Simply warm in the oven and serve buttered on the table for guests to serve themselves or use them to create mini-rolls with mayonnaise, chicken and chives for a party. Available in a pack of 6 in white or multigrain and ready in just 6-8 minutes.

Golden Mills Half BaguettesGolden Mills Baguettes
Great as a simple starter or as part of any meal, these half baguettes are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.  Simply add some butter and your favourite sandwich filling for an easy lunch that’s perfect for picnics, BBQs and work lunches.  Available in a pack of 2 in white or multigrain and ready in just 7-9 minutes.

Top 5 Australia Day Bakery Products!

Coles LamingtonsAt Coles, we love everything about Australia Day and this year the Coles Bakery is waving the Aussie flag too with a range of iconic Australian sweet treats and baked goods. We’ve got everything from lamingtons to pavlova and our limited edition Aussie Cricket Bat Baguette – perfect for entertaining with friends and family.

To help you get organised, we’ve pulled together our top five picks from the Bakery department for Australia Day:

Aussie Donuts
Aussie Iced DonutsOur Bakery has gone green and gold this Australia Day.  Pick up a pack of 6 Aussie Iced Donuts to share with friends or a few packs for an Australia Day party.  Baked in selected stores with our in store bakeries, these Coles Bakery Aussie Iced Donuts are made with tropical flavoured fondant and topped with green star sugar sprinkles. We have sampled a few and we can confirm they taste as good as they look!

Lamington FingersCelebrate Australia Day with iconic Australian lamingtons.  Pick up a pack of Coles Brand Lamington Fingers from the Bakery section.  They come in a pack of 18, so there’s plenty to share around (to buy, search 7545928 at Coles Online)!   Alternatively, make your own lamingtons the night before with this quick and easy Jam Lamington recipe.  For a little colour contrast for the kids, add some jelly cakes to the mix with this Raspberry Jelly Cakes recipe.

Coles PavlovaMany Aussies wouldn’t dream of Australia Day without a sweet and crunchy pavlova. Our Australian made Coles Bakery Pavlova gives you the perfect start with a crunchy base (to buy, search 8464049 at Coles Online).  Simply decorate with fruit and cream for the perfect Australia Day dessert. If you’re in a baking mood, you can also make your own pavlova with Curtis’ Lemon Butter Pavlova recipe or for a summer twist, make these Choc-dipped Pavlovas with fresh mango.

ANZAC Biscuits
ANZAC BiscuitsIf you’re likely to have unexpected guests pop by, keep a packet of these crunchy ANZAC biscuits in the cupboard.  Made using a traditional ANZAC biscuit recipe, these biscuits are made to be enjoyed with a warm cuppa.  Baked in selected stores nationally, they come in a pack of 12 (to buy, search 9155538 at Coles Online).  If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then we also recommend the choc-chip and double chocolate biscuits.

Damper Rolls and Loaf
Damper Rolls and LoafA traditional Australian bread, enjoyed by swagmen and drovers through the years, there’s no need to pull out the coals and campfire with our range of freshly baked damper breads.  Baked in selected stores with in store bakeries, choose from a 6 pack of Coles Bakery Damper Rolls (perfect for homemade lamb burgers) or pick up a Damper Loaf for the table. If you are feeling adventurous, make your own with our Walnut and Parsley Damper recipe or for a sweet alternative, make a homemade Banana Damper.