Coles Finest Fairtrade Coffee Capsules

Coles Finest Fairtrade CoffeeLook out for our new Coles Finest single origin coffee pods – Australia’s first 100% Fairtrade and Nespresso®* – compatible range of coffee capsules available in supermarkets.

The coffee beans are sourced from Ethiopia, Brazil, Sumatra and Colombia, then roasted and packed here in Australia to ensure the freshest coffee experience possible.
Whether you’re a fan of the intense Sumatran hit at Level 10, a bit of Brazil at intensity Level 8, or a decaffeinated Colombian Level 7, the Coles Finest range offers unequalled value and quality.

*Nespresso® has not manufactured or endorsed this product in any way.

74 thoughts on “Coles Finest Fairtrade Coffee Capsules

  1. What about people who don,t like coffee but like Hot Chocolate, Is there pods for that!

    • Does anyone know I have a nespresso machine, really like the compatible pods by coles, I worry though as they seem to be very hard to close in the coffee machine pod tray and sometimes don’t eject properly are they doing damage? I noticed that the nespresso original pods are made of aluminum so they are softer easy to place in machine.

      Coles will you look at the design a little better?

      • Hi Andy, we’re sorry to hear you’ve found this to be an issue. We’ve passed your comment onto our product developer. We’re not sure if you’re aware, but we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our Coles Brand products, so if you still have the packaging, we would encourage you to bring it back for a full refund or exchange.

    • I tried the Ethiopian today as that’s all that was left on the shelf at my local. Very nice! On par with the L’Or Espresso range:)

  2. are the Coles fair-trade coffee capsules arabica or robusta beans. Many manufacturers have turned to Robusta to save money but it does not taste as good.

  3. sue
    has anybody used different pods on there aldi coffee machine other then the aldi ones

  4. I have just tried the Sumatran blend ,i really liked this coffee has a nice distinctive flavour good strength very good crema as good as any of the Nespresso blends, But More Importantly They Work Perfectly In My In My Nespresso U That i Just Purchased .
    They Also Only Cost $4 For 10 Capsules ,So All Good So Far.

  5. Update! Just Bought the Brazilian Pods And They Do Not Extract / Flow Like The Sumatran Blend Pods , They Cause The Machine To Strain Quite Noticably ,They do Not Jam or Anything Like That ,But The Flow Is Slower And More Restricted, So I Just Extracted a 25 ml Ristretto to Ease the Pump on the Machine so to Speak.
    On Close Inspection of the Pod it Does not Look to me That the Foil End of The Pod Has Been Pierced Sufficiently Enough [ i e 4 to 8 tiny holes ] Compared to the Nespresso Pod where all the Available holes have been Pierced. I will Pay Closer Attention to the Sumatran Pods When Next Use them , But For Now I Will Leave Brazilian Pods Aside.
    My Machine is The Nespresso U

    • Hi John, this is disappointing to hear. We would encourage you to bring them back for a full refund or exchange in accordance with our Coles Brand 100% satisfaction guarantee.

      • Thankyou for your reply, what i did to help the Flow was to get a needle and make about a dozen or more pin holes and this helped the flow enough not to strain the machine quite as much,i have now finished those pods and unfortunately cannot buy any more at this stage due to that problem, But there is good news from this however,That is the Brazilian Blend is is Very Nice Indeed easily as good as the better blends of Nespresso,Maybe i will buy one of your machines in the future,as i also really like the Sumatran Blend as well .
        By the Way the Sumatran Blend Pods Still Flow Much Better than the Brazilian ones so go figure? Maybe the Grind is Finer or packed slightly tighter Who knows Something your R @ D Can work on Maybe.
        Hope this has been Helpful regards John

    • I noticed the Brazilian doing the same in my nespresso machine to,the Ethiopian are slightly better, but worry if is doing damage

  6. Price and taste on these pods is good, but we have had the same problem as above with the foil not correctly puncturing and causing the machine to strain badly on every second or third pod. (A bit worried about long term damage to the Nespresso machine with this). We have also found that these pods periodically jam in the machine, needing to be prised out using a knife. Our loss rate on these has badly cut into the cost savings. Possibly a little re-engineering is needed?

    • Only had this Trouble with the Brazilian Blend, The Sumatran Blend No Problem Whatsoever and i finished 2 Packs of 10 So go Figure?
      Never had any Jam though ,That would Stop me using them instantly as this could ruin the Machine
      Yes i Agree just a little re- engineering and they would be spot on as they are very close to working perfectly now

      • Same me seem hard to close in machine and don’t always eject properly, need to be softer in material

  7. Would really like to see a hot chocolate one as well, can not find a hot choc pod anywhere that is compatible with nespresso machine!

  8. Mmhh, this sounds delicious! I’m definetly trying the Sumatra intense, it always wakes me up. I may also try the Brazilian decaffeinated.
    Thanks for the news!

  9. Are the pods recyclable? That is one appeal of the Nespresso pods, but if these were recyclable too they would be excellent value for money. The quality is very high.

    • Yes ,wash out the the capsule and throw them in the Recycle Bin .
      They are made out of Plastic and a Aluminium

  10. I’d like to also voice my immense concern with the packaging. I’ve purchased these pods recently, and although we were paying a considerable about comparative to a previous product, I’m considering switching back simply due to the individually wrapped foils. Pods are already super wasteful unfortunately, so hopefully this is something which can be taken into consideration for the future. I’ve had this conversation with several others who are happy with the product itself, but the packaging is an ethical problem for us.

    • Hi Nikki, thanks for taking the time to share your concerns. We’ve passed your comment onto our Coles Brand product and packaging teams.

    • I second this. Love that there’s an more ethical alternative to Nestle (admittedly, not exactly a high bar), the over-packaging really bothers me.

      • I wholeheartedly agree! Much as I love my machine, the “other” one I had was a much better option taste and packaging wise.
        I actually need to use 3 Coles pods to get a satisfactory cup of coffee so it’s an expensive cuppa!
        All that foil! Has to be a better way!

  11. when is someone from coles going to answer the questions asked on 20/7/13 by david and anom. are these coffees made from arabica or robusta beans? nowhere on the packaging defines this. answer please. don

  12. Tried the Sumatran (intensity 10) pods this morning and was impressed by the flavour and crema. It tasted very creamy and smooth although I still think the Nespresso coffee pods taste a little better (but that may be my mind trying to justify the extra expense involved in purchasing genuine pods from Nespresso). The foil cover pierced well and the coffee flow seemed as normal this time around. It’s exciting to find a quality alternative on the supermarket shelf as I am fed up with feeling ripped off each time I order pods through Nespresso. Looking forward to taste-testing the other varieties in your range. Thanks Coles!
    PS. I’m loving the hot chocolate idea too!

    • Hi Sare, thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to let us know. We really appreciate it and we’ll share your comment with our Coles Brand product developers.

  13. Tried the Coles brand pods this week and am happy with the taste. BUT the force required to close the lever on the pod is very high and am concerned that it will break the machine…. Much higher than nespresso pods.. After pouring the coffee the pod is ejected and is physically deformed on the plastic end ( not the foil side). Have you seen this problem before?

    • Is someone from Coles going to reply… Its been almost 4weeks! Are thet compatible with all Nespresso? Given the packaging states Nespresso compatible I expect it to be compatible or coles to replace equipment damaged by Coles products.

      • Hi, we’re very sorry to hear of your experience. Unfortunately your name isn’t coming up, so we’re not able to see your original comment. If possible, can you give us a call on 1800 061 562, so we can discuss this with you further.

  14. I bought my Nespresso U machine today and on the way home, stopped at Coles and bought these pods – 3 Sumatran and 1 Brazilian. I detest the extra foil packaging, wasteful and makes storage difficult. However, I could cope with that if the coffee was good but unfortunately, I don’t like it at all. It is too weak for me, even using x3 Sumatran pods in a 250ml latte wasn’t satisfying and the colour and aroma was insipid. I am so, so, so disappointed! I actually upgraded to the Nespresso machine from my Woolworths Caffitaly machine and was looking forward to the experience. I have to say, the Woolworths Select pods are far superior to these (they also look rather larger which may account for intensity of flavour?) I am afraid I will be returning the remaining 3 unopened boxes, I just can’t drink this.

    • We’re very disappointed to hear this Rosie, but thanks for letting us know. We’re not sure if you’re aware, but we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our Coles Brand products, so we would be happy to offer you a full refund or exchange. We apologise for the inconvenience and we have shared your comment with our Coles Brand product team.

    • Not sure what you mean about the extra foil Rosie—I just bought the coles sumatran pods for our Nespresso machine we are just as happy with the Coles as the Nespresso—-in fact taking into account the huge price difference the quality would be equal for us—–as for the foil, the bucket on the coles pods is plastic, only the top is foil and the wrapper lined with a very thin layer of foil inside—the bucket of the Nespresso pod is very thick foil like a take away container almost and the top much thicker than the coles—–(sure you don’t work for woolies)

  15. Still waiting for a response from a few days ago regarding the method you use to decaffeinate these coffee pods…..???

  16. I tried these capsules they were terrible they caused my machine to make strange noises and the coffee was very bitter

  17. I now have three pod machines, Nespresso U, Map Bella, and an Aldi, so am able to access most of the different system pods and have a fair base for comparison of the different coffees on offer.
    In the Nespresso I have up until just recently been using Piazza Doro L’or capsules. I have enjoyed most of the different varieties but have been frustrated by the occasional pod that will not flow properly, and also the generally restricted flow compared with Nespresso pods.
    I tried the single origin Coles pods a couple of weeks ago and so far am very impressed with both the flavours and good flow through the machine.
    The Sumatran and Ethiopian have both been true to the tasting notes on the packaging, my personal preference being the Sumatran. I have yet to try the Brazilian and hope I will not encounter the flow problems experienced by other reviewers.

  18. I’ve tried most of the varieties from this range not bad honestly especially the Sumatran pods the aroma is very pleasant however the pods always get jammed from time to time in both my coffee machines and this requires me to yank the stuck pods out where they come out in pieces leaving somewhat of a mess, I fear doing this all the time might ruin my coffee machine.

    • I have found that pods can get stuck if you fail to eject the capsule immediately after use. Don’t leave them in the machine overnight.
      Other than that these capsules offer the best value for money and oz made.

      • I do this same thing because once a capsule is freshly used the coffee grounds are wet from the extraction but if the are left in the machine the grounds dry and harden thats why the lever is hard to eject the capsule.

  19. Hi, I’ve just sent my brand new machine in for servicing because my machine does not pour 40 ml shots anymore after using the coles pods. the flavour was good, bt it had a noticeable affect on my machine. i am worried about the outcome of the service.

  20. Hi Coles, as Rachael asked, csn you tell us what method is used for decaffeineating your decaf capsules?

  21. hi
    having a nespresso compatible machine..I was ready to throw it out. Every pod I tried leaked ..I tried nespresso,refillable and nor but te saving grace was the Coles pods .The leaking stopped the machine functions the best it has ever done. I highly recommend the Coles pods. The best on the market

  22. Warning to all Nespresso U Milk owners. Do not use the Coles Brazilian pods in your machine. I just used one in my brand new Nespresso U Milk machine. The pod is now stuck in the machine. I do not want to use force to remove the pod for fear that it would damage the machine. The pod is clearly incompatible with my machine. I am now taking the pods back to Coles for a refund.

  23. Hi
    I bought the Dolce Gusto Mini Me machine and Coles finest Brazilian and Sumatran last week and I found that the capsules are actually not compatible even though the box of the capsules had said so. The size of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto can fit well but the finest Brazilian and Sumatran are smaller! When I checked, the water outflow needle is actually poking on the side of the capsule, if I were to use a bit more force, I definitely will destroy the new Mini Me machine. Now I am stuck with 2 boxes of Brazilian and a box of Sumatran. I bought them because your finest coffee box has stated Nespresso-compatible! What is your advice?

  24. These are not compatible with all Nespresso machines…. Mines got a pod stuck in it and it’s pretty much f@*ked…. Thanks coles.

    • How has every one else on here managed to be politely critical and then someone has to go and be sarcastic and use unimpressively disguised crude language. Some people are pathetic

    • Maybe you should stick to instant coffee. I don’t hink your pedigree suits quality coffee if you have to resort to bad language and sarcasm

  25. I don’t think that you can accurately say that these are comparable with then espresso, They are a different size and sound as though they are causing damage to the machine. I just spent45 min cleaning out the machine after my partner tried to use one of these pods

  26. One of your alleged Nespresso compatible coffee pods is now jammed in my 1 week old machine and I am unable to remove it. What do I do?

    • Hi Gab, we’re very sorry to hear this. If possible, can you give us a call at your earliest convenience on 1800 061 562.

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