New Nescafé Dolce Gusto Capsules!

New Nescafe Dolce Gusto at Coles!There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee! Introducing new Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules at Coles! Compatible with the De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, these pods are clever and easy-to-use, so you can enjoy coffee shop quality at home – or on your supermarket run!

DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Coffee at ColesThe convenient sized pods are sealed fresh to ensure you get the perfect amount every time with no mess and no fuss. Available in Cappuccino, Caffe’ Americano and Hot Chocolate, you’ll find the Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules in the coffee section of your local Coles. The De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, which makes both hot and cold beverages is available in the appliances section of most stores. For more information on the De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine and Capsules, visit

98 thoughts on “New Nescafé Dolce Gusto Capsules!

  1. I just bought one of these machines on special at Coles, if you like simplicity and good coffee, do yourself a favour a get one, i’m hooked!

  2. Im very annoyed that I have visited about 5 different coles stores and no one has any of these coffee machines, two different stores told me the only got a few ( one girl said only 2 machines) in for the week, everyone is asking for them but they are not getting the stock in. Why are coles advertising these when they dont even have the stock for the customers. Im very annoyed about this.Yes I tried on the 1st day of advertisiting them ( wed) there wasnt any in 2 stores by mid morning that day.

    • I thought it did but have just now discovered that in the sample pack that comes with it you get extra pods that ARE the milk pods! They froth beautifully! So excited AND it TASTES FANTASTIC !!! Super excited!!!

    • The hot chocolate and cappuccino come with milk capsules, packs of capsules contain 16, with the milk based ones you get 8 of milk 8 coffee or chocolate, I prefer to have a frother & use normal milk

  3. Hi I got the manual model as a Christmas gift, now very disappointed to learn I can’t buy the skinny versions of the pods in store. Most flavours in store are sugared. Will you be selling the skinny flavours instore anytime soon? Object to having to buy online and pay postage.

  4. We just bought ours from Coles Darwin because it advertises that it makes chai ( tea ) lattes, as we don’t drink coffee. We have just discovered on the website that the chai latte flavour is not yet available in Australia – we have to buy it from the US online if we want it now – we’re not impressed. Then we found that they have a Japanese Green tea latte………….also, not available in Australia yet. Again you have to go online and buy from the US. Talk about false advertising. The website just says all the teas are ” coming soon “. So our unit sits on the shelf gathering dust. If we had known it actually can’t make teas in Australia…….we wouldn’t have bought it.

  5. Will the Nescafé Dolce Gusta pods work with my Nespresso machine? My wife is interested in Hot Chocolate pods but Nespresso don’t do them…

    • I have searched the internet or DAYS to find the answer to your question-to no avail,Did you find the answer ? PLEASE let me know iif you did ! Thank you, Jan

  6. Hi am looking for the chai latte tea I have bought the last few boxes from many stores here in brisbane,Coles ordered them in for Mother’s Day so why cant they order them in permanently.

  7. You need to know if you can get refillable recyclable pods for these machines or you have thousands, millions of these things going in to landfill.

  8. Not impressed got given coffee maker for Xmas.Box showed had variety pack in box.Invited friend and family over to find no variety box.Had to claim on line.Had too have instant coffee.Yuck

  9. Hi I bought this coffe machine from my local Coles, it shows on the box that it comes with a pack of 6 pods but there was none with my machine. so now I have a coffee machine that i can’t ry yet. I am not going to Coles the day before Christmas to get the pods that’s for sure.

  10. We were given a Delonghi as a gift for Christmas from Coles, we havn’t used it yet as a little confused. It came in a play and select automatic box but when we opened the box it is the manual machine. What’s the story there.

      • I got a Mini Me from Coles in Adelaide S.A for $50 and mine was automatic. I think the red ones are the manual ones,so I suggest you take it back with your docket and speak to the manager of that store.

  11. Why can’t we buy the Skinny Pods at Coles? I got the Machine for Xmas & I tried the Cappuccino pods but they are not nice…… Tastes very watery, I would like to try the Skinny ones to see if they taste any better

    • Hi Rachel, we’re sorry to hear you’re not a fan of the Cappuccino Capsules, but we appreciate the feedback. If you let us know your local store, we’ll pass the suggestion onto our Merch team and Buyers.

  12. Hi, I bought a delonghi dolce gusto machine at Christmas time from Coles. I have just opened the box and removed the machine but I don’t have any pods with it. The box indicates 6 free pods – is this correct ? Thanks.

    • They say you get them and you do you have little cards saying that you get a free variety pack and shows you how to do it and you also get a free Cappaccino and also shows you how to get it

  13. I have the Delonghi Dolce Gusto machine – however I have tried several COLES stores – Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Tooronga Village, Belmore Road, Mont Albert North, the Well in Camberwell….and have been unable to purchase any coffee pods, and wish to know if there is a shortage. Not much point having the said coffee machine if one can’t make coffee –
    Please advise what is happening? Thank you

  14. Why doesn’t coles sell all varieties of the coffee? We buy the machines of you and expect the whole service. Not too much to ask.

    • Thanks for getting in contact with us. If you let us know your local store and the specific varieties you would like to see, we’ll share your comment with our Merch team and coffee buyer.

  15. We bought one yesterday, Very easy to use….but the coffee has no flavour. I used 3 capsules of Espresso Ristretto and it was still really woosy! Certainly doesn’t have the taste of shop bought coffees. I’m really disappointed. I got confused. I thought it was a Nespresso…..not Nescafe! :(

    • These are the capsules they are designed to work with, but there may be others that will work in it. It’s usually easiest to check the packaging of other capsules in store just to be sure.

  16. Is it possible to return this machine? It’s soooo disappointing! Money down the drain for us anyway… we can ill afford.

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