Down Down with Status Quo

Coles Down Down with Status QuoDown Down, Prices are Down… You know the song and now it’s back big and better!  A couple of years ago, when we launched our Down Down campaign, we chose Status Quo’s 1975 hit ‘Down Down’.  Since then, Australians have been singing the tune and know it means lower prices at Coles. We thought it would be fun to celebrate the new Down Down price cuts by getting Status Quo to rewrite the original for us.  Check out the full reworked song below:


After we recorded the song, we thought we’d ask Status Quo about their career highlights… Here is what they said:

37 thoughts on “Down Down with Status Quo

  1. These ads are HORRIBLE. Please stop. You play them on repeat in the shops at volume to the point where I walked out and will not be returning.

    • Hi EnGy, we’re sorry to hear this, but we appreciate the feedback. We’ll pass your feedback onto our Marketing team. Are there any songs you would prefer to hear in store?

      • No ads. I was already in your store, why play ads? Look at the music Woolworths play and run with that. It’s nice and calm.

  2. This ad is fantastic. Getting Status Quo to do the “down down” song for the ad campaign was a brilliant piece of marketing. Is there any chance that you could send me an mp3 file of the whole “Coles version” of “down down”? I’ve a shopper at Coles for about 20 years now and this has got to be THE BEST piece of advertising that Coles has ever done. Please indulge me with the mp3 if it is at all possible. Thank You.
    Bill Keech.

  3. Status Quo are rock legends, this ad is just fun with the big red hand guitars and they look like they are having fun, it makes you smile and I’m sure that Russell from Gruen world will love it.

  4. I love these ads and get stuck in my head for most of the day! I guess you’ve accomplished your goal. I definitely would like to know if those guitars are available?!? They just look crazy!

  5. Absolute legends! My jaw litterally dropped when I saw them come on the telly – Quo rules, and so does Coles – I show there now, forget the FF points

  6. saw it last night on tv, loved it, glad to find it again online. Can you pick up a hand guitar with your trolley.
    Love Dawn French too but a bit dissapointed they couldn,t have used some Aussie icons

  7. The ads would be fine if they were not replayed over and over again. Any song would become annoying if left on repeat like that. I felt so sorry for the staff at the new Coles at Gungalin ACT last time I was in there. The song repeated over and over for the whole half an hour I was there!!! When I asked the checkout operator they informed me it plays over and over all day and night. Talk about torture for the poor workers, let alone us shoppers. This would be like water torture if you were one of the poor workers!!!
    Sure Status Quo are legends, but I am sure they would be shocked to see the way the song is being used by some inconsiderate stores.

  8. Love it! An imaginative advertisement using a very good band. Excellent post production job, as well. Give a bonus to whomever thought it up. I’d like to be able to buy a plastic replica of the big red hand, either as a “Guitar” or as is.

  9. down down morale is down. prices drop, less staff, no money in budget, staff expected to do more and provide living service to a customer. i am a stone!

  10. How about some Australian entertainers after all we are in Australia. Damn insulting to use imports when promoting Australian produce.

    • As a Pommy who has lived here in Australia for nearly 10 years, could you please direct to 1 Australian band/song thgat would fit Coles campaign……..?? There has been a couple of great Aussie bands, AC/DC and…….????…. Ok, 1 great Aussie band……. but as for the John Farnhams and Jimmy Barnes…. Oh no, Jimmy is Scottish (as is 80% of AC/DC actually)…… I had never heard of any of them until I arrived here…… Clearly Coles wanted a world renowned band with a world No.1 song for their adverts, that everyone in Australia and not just those who have been here 30+ years will know. Every traveller and holdiday maker from all over Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia will see the pictures of Quo in the shops and know the song when they walk into Coles, where as no one will know who Farnham or Barnsey is………

      • To be honest I did not know the name of the band. Only that they were obviously British. We have some great home grown bands in Australia. The Cat Empire, The Whitlams, Air Supply, Souther Sons, Wolfmother, Powder Finger, Midnight Oil, Silver Chair, Yothu Yindi, INXS, Crowded House, Cold Chisel, Jet ……….
        Some of these band members may have been born overseas but they are Australian Bands.
        Coles is meant to be an Australian Company. They have lost the plot.

      • Hi Margaret, Status Quo were chosen as they sang the original Down Down song which we used when we first launched our Down Down ads two years ago.

  11. Who cares what overseas people think about a band in an add. It is what Australians think. Australians are the may grocery shopper in Australia. I think we are over relying on overseas imports for advertising.

  12. I love the latest ‘ Down Down ‘ ad., I have always been a great Satus Quo and Rick Parfitt fan so really enjoy the ads., as they are so cheery and also play my favourite Quo tunes.
    Keep up the Quo ads.,

  13. Well done Coles and Quo, great catchy beat that will surely turn a few heads …anyway the worst ads can be the most successful so you’ll win either way ….bit more retirement money for Quo…looking forward to seeing them live in Brissy!

  14. Cool i think, 47 years old and i just started at coles in gatton qld, gets the boogie back in ya i think, well done coles….

    Stop playing them or i’ll be going DOWN DOWN to Woolworths..

  16. I’m on this page because I had no idea who the guys were singing the song. It really bugged me. I think they are annoying ads and now I know who it is to blame.

    • The ads., are great and Quo are greater !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Every time I see the Quo / Coles ad., it brings a smile to my face.

  17. David Perth
    Fantastic add if it’s not played too much.
    Status Quo are terrific

  18. Disgusting parody with aging rockers clearly only in it for the money. The latest is the worst. How dare you parody Elvis Presley’s 68 comeback special and sully his memory with this abominable excuse for advertising.

  19. Pathetic song pathetic ad. Status quo who??
    Please we are in 2013 , they look like zombies puppets acting like rockers. Please stop this embarassing ad.

  20. Gotta love the song it puts in your heart when you hear it. Vocally wonderful. Come on the rest of you no ad will ever tick all the boxes for everyone.

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