Coles Gold Gift Card Giveaway

What is our Gold Card Giveaway?
Our Coles Gold Gift Card Giveaway is a simple way to collect money when you shop with your flybuys card at Coles.  Simply purchase any products carrying the collect symbols in store and the value on the symbol will be added to your Gold Gift Card when you scan your flybuys card at the register.  Collecting money is easy and in October we will mail you your very own Gold Gift Card with the accumulated money.  That’s just in time for Christmas to buy the little extra treats for your family!

How does Gold Card Giveaway work?
Many customers have been asking what they need to do to start collecting money.  It’s very easy, so we thought we’d detail it for you in a few simple steps:

1.    Register: To start collecting, head to to register for the Gold Gift Card Giveaway. For existing flybuys members, you just need to log in and activate the promotion and for new members, you’ll need to register for a flybuys card first.
2.    Collect Money: Secondly, look for the Gold Gift Card symbols when you shop at Coles between now and August, 14 2012.  Buy any products carrying the collect symbols and scan your flybuys card.
3.    Track Progress: Log into your ‘my flybuys’ account each week to check how much money you’ve collected and view some of the participating products.
4.    Be Rewarded:  Your Gold Gift Card will be mailed to you in October 2012 (and yes it really will be Gold).  It will include your accumulated money (minimum $2) from the participating products you purchased throughout the offer period.

For full terms and conditions and to register for your Gold Gift Card, visit

17 thoughts on “Coles Gold Gift Card Giveaway

  1. Why does it take two months for the cards to be sent out after the promotion ends? I’ve ordered gift cards from various places and it takes a month sometimes for them to be sent. Two months is ridiculous.

    • Hi Kestra, thanks for the feedback and we will pass it onto our flybuys team. We have estimated two months to process the amounts, but we expect the timeframe will actually be shorter.

    • Yes, I can wait that long. It sometimes takes Flybuys that long to credit bonus points so I’m used to waiting for free money.

  2. It’s now mid October. Where’s the gold card? Any mention of it has disappeared from the flybuys website, or rather the section on the website about the gold card has not changed since the end of the promotion. And the money is not ‘free’ it required consumers to buy certain products the price of which were certainly structured to account for the costs of the card. Anyway, I willingly took part. And now want an update please on where the card is..

    • Hi Giulz, they will be posted out in the next couple of weeks. If yours has not arrived by the end of the month, please give our flybuys team a call on 13 11 16.

  3. I tried to use my Gold Gift Card for the first time, but the balance came back as zero. Do I need to activate the card first? (Sorry if there were instructions on the letter, it’s already been thrown out!)

  4. It is now December (virtually) and I have had no gift card arrive in the mail. The promotion stated cards would be received sometime in October. I find this an extraordinarily long time over and above what was prompoted. No correspondance has even been sent to keep customers updated. What is going on?????? Is this a con????

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