4 tricks with Jelly

Jelly pavlovaFrom cheesecakes to trifles and slices, there are hundreds of uses for jelly, so why not get creative this Australia Day. Here are 4 tasty ideas to get you started:

  1. Jelly Pavlova
    Top your pavlova with whipped cream, crushed mango jelly, kiwifruit and passionfruit. View recipe.
  2. Lamington Bites
    Cut a sponge or vanilla cake in squares, dip in half set raspberry jelly, roll in coconut and leave in the fridge to set for 2 hours. View recipe.
  3. Anzac Biscuit Crumble
    For a twist on the traditional crumble, create a base with raspberry jelly & canned apples, and top with custard, ground cinnamon & crushed Anzac biscuits. View recipe.
  4. Jelly Bites 
    Create 3 tier green & gold jelly bites using Aeroplane lime jelly, create-a-jelly, lemon jelly and condensed milk. View recipe.

Aeroplane Jelly 85g packs are 3 for $2.70 in store and at shop.coles.com.au until 27/1. For more great jelly ideas, visit aeroplanejelly.com.au.

Create a show-stopping cheese platter

Cheese PlatterTake the stress out of entertaining this Australia Day with a tasty cheese platter starter. Cheese platters offer a much easier and simpler way to entertain guests which require no cooking, very little preparation and are (mostly) universally loved.

To help you with your quest to build the ultimate cheese platter, we’ve pulled together the ultimate cheese platter tips:

  1. Be adventurous
    Choose different styles of cheese such as a soft white cheese like brie, a cheddar, a blue cheese and a flavoured cheese for your cheese platter.
  2. Add some fruit
    Cheese loves sweet or fruity accompaniments like quince paste, grapes, fruit bread, a drizzle of honey or dessert wines.
  3. Wine match
    As a general rule, lighter wine styles tend to go with milder flavoured cheeses such as sparkling white and brie. On the other end of the scale, piquant blue cheeses match well with sweet, dessert wines like a botrytis Riesling.
  4. Servings
    Allow 30g – 50g of each cheese per person based on serving four cheeses.
  5. Meet the best before date
    For any white mould cheeses such as brie or camembert, always serve ripe cheese (i.e. as close as possible prior to its ‘best before’ date) so that it’s at its optimum flavour. This is less important for harder or fresh styles like cheddar and cream cheese.
  6. Cheese loves room temperature
    Allow cheese to come to room temperature which will help the flavours develop further.
  7. Don’t mix knives
    Use separate cheese knives on your cheese board specifically for each cheese, to avoid mixing flavours.
  8. Keep it pointy
    When cutting a cheese wedge, cut a slice along the length of the cheese, from the centre to the rind. Try not to completely cut the point or the ‘nose’ off the cheese.
  9. Plain savouries
    Keep the bread or biscuits simple as strong flavours will overwhelm the taste of the cheese.

With 20% off the entire King Island Dairy cheese range until 27/1 in store and at shop.coles.com.au, now is the perfect time to get moo-ving.

$1 million for kids with cancer

Redkite Christmas DonationsThank you to all those who supported Redkite over Christmas. Through donations at the checkout and the purchase of donation cards & Redkite shopping bags, together we raised over $1 million for children & young people with cancer.

“It’s an amazing effort and will make a huge difference,” said Hollie, who was just 24 when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer and secondary liver cancer. She was given a 5% chance of survival. Hollie is now cancer-free and is thankful for the support she received from Redkite. She visited Coles Broadway to thank customers and staff, and see the amazing display of support for children with cancer at Christmas.

“It’s a massive thing to have you on board supporting Redkite as it helps them help so many people. It makes me smile to see you supporting families” she said.Coles Broadway supporting Redkite

For more information on Redkite, go to redkite.org.au.

Transforming the humble burger

Pork Burger
It’s official, burgers have gone fancy and here are the ingredients you need to help lift your burger to wow status…

  1. Black Bean
    Give the classic burger an Asian twist, this succulent black bean sauce and chilli mayo wombok slaw is one the whole family will love. View recipe.
  2. Blue Cheese
    Take your burger a step beyond cheddar with this this sensational beef burger with caramelised red onion and blue cheese.  View recipe.
  3. Chorizo
    Give your lamb burger a Spanish twist by adding fried chorizo & smoked paprika. View recipe.
  4. Tonkatsu Sauce
    Spice up your beef burger with crunchy carrots, cabbage, sweet pickled jalapeños and a punchy Japanese-style tonkatsu sauce. View recipe.
  5. Taco Seasoning
    Thought taco mix was just for tacos? Think again! Mix taco seasoning with your beef mince for a delicious Mexican-style flavour. View recipe.
  6. Oyster Sauce
    Mix oyster sauce with pork mince to create tasty pork burgers with a twist. Serve with avocado & grilled chilli mayo. View recipe.

For more delicious burger recipes, visit recipes.coles.com.au.

Unusual food combinations

Peach and Prosciutto BruschettaWhen it comes to food, sometimes opposites really do attract.  They may sound strange to start with, but we urge you to try some of these unusual food pairings…

  1. Lamb and Pomegranate
    Rich lamb and tangy pomegranate make a tasty combination on these Mediterranean-style flatbreads. View recipe.
  2. Peach and Prosciutto
    It might sound like an odd combination, but peach and prosciutto bruschetta makes a delicious summer snack. Top with ricotta and drizzle with basil oil.  View recipe.
  3. Chocolate and Chilli
    Combine chilli, chocolate & cinnamon in a sweet and spicy crème brulee. View recipe.
  4. Watermelon and Feta
    Sweet watermelon and savoury feta is a flavour revelation in this delicious summer salad. View recipe.
  5. Blueberry and Bacon
    Sweet and salty does it for Americans, who love their fruity pancakes with crispy bacon. Having tried these blueberry, maple syrup and bacon pancakes, we have to agree! View recipe.

Cheat’s guide to school lunches

Zucchini and Bacon SliceWhen it comes school lunches, the challenge is finding ideas that are easy-to-make, nutritious and importantly tasty (so you’re not fishing it out of their school bag at the end of the day). So with this in mind, we’ve pulled together 6 lunchbox-ready recipes to help them fuel them through the day:

  1. Savoury Muffins
    An energy-packed snack, spinach and feta muffins are easy to make ahead and freeze. View recipe.
  2. Tuna Wraps
    Mash avocado with a little coriander and lime juice to make a guacamole mix – perfect for a tuna and lettuce wrap. View recipe.
  3. Pizza Scrolls
    Great for lunches and after school treats, make simple pizza scrolls topped with tomato paste, pizza cheese, pineapple chunks and leg ham.  View recipe.
  4. Fritters
    An old favourite, these corn and bacon fritters are easy to make in a Sunday batch for weekday lunches.  View recipe.
  5. Banana Bread
    Use leftover bananas to make a moist and delicious banana bread. View recipe.
  6. Freezable Muffins
    Make strawberry and bran muffins for a yummy lunchbox snack.  They can be made in a batch and frozen (because let’s be honest few of us have time for weekday baking). View recipe.

What’s your go-to lunchbox idea? Share it with us at Facebook.com/Coles.

Game-changing smoothie ideas

Summer SmoothiesThis summer we’ve gone made for smoothies, so we thought we’d share our 4 secret ingredients for the ultimate smoothie…

  1. Coconut Water
    If you’re not on the green smoothie bandwagon yet, it’s time to get on board. Combine one of our new favourite ingredients – coconut water with lime, apple, cucumber, kale, spinach and ginger for a refreshing summer treat. View recipe.
  2. Chia Seeds
    Another one of our favourite health products, chia seeds make a delicious and nutritious addition to your smoothie. Combine with blueberries, pitted cherries, yoghurt and ice cubes for a super smoothie.  View recipe.
  3. Weet-Bix
    We know it sounds a bit weird, but you’re going to have to trust us on this one. Combine weet-bix, orange, banana, vanilla yoghurt, and peanut butter. Blend with ice and that’s breakfast sorted! View recipe.
  4. Cinnamon
    If you’re not adding cinnamon to your smoothies, you’re missing out.  One of our all-time favourite combinations, blend mixed berries, yoghurt, banana and cinnamon (also works well swapping mixed berries for mango). View recipe.